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  • Dedicated Triage Support

    Dedicated Triage Support

    GV-V.E.T. is the GV-Solution for 24/7 triage support. Our team sorts cases effectively to help save revenue.

  • Minimize Wait-Times

    Minimize Caller Wait Times

    GV-V.E.T. helps increase the number of calls your hospital can handle.

  • Faster Communication

    Faster Communication

    Communicate in real-time to update capacity status.

How Does GV Virtual Emergency Triage work?

24/7 Triage

GV-V.E.T. is a combination of our daytime & overnight triage service, enhanced for your emergency hospital. Members of our triage team will be dedicated to managing your call flow.

Many Hands Make The Load Light

Clients can call in with any medical situation & reach a live veterinary professional. A GuardianVets team member evaluates the situation to determine the level of urgency.

Team Players

A GuardianVets team member will coordinate patient inflow based on urgency and capacity, and post incoming patient information on a virtual whiteboard or communication channel of your choice.

What Can I Do With GV Virtual Emergency Triage?

Boost Productivity

Allow GuardianVets to handle triage. Free up DVM & CVT time to focus on hospitalized patients.

Plan Ahead

The GV-Triage Team will screen patients over the phone & gather history before they arrive.

Prioritize Need

Our team of credentialed CVTs will facilitate the appointment request if there is an urgent need.

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