• Rev Up Revenue With Technology!

    Rev Up Revenue With Technology!

    Feb 22 2023

    Technology has revolutionized the way Veterinarians operate their clinics. Utilizing technology, Veterinarians can increase revenue and customer satisfaction by providing after-hours triage, virtual front desk, callback and automatic scheduling services. This helps to offload work from the clinic staff and also provides a better service to customers. With the help of technology, Veterinarians can provide an easier way for customers to request appointments and receive timely responses from their clinic. By using technology in their practice, Veterinarians can ensure that they are providing the best possible service to their clients while also increasing revenue for their business. Virtual Front Desk acts as an extension of your Vet staff that helps businesses triage calls, provide on-call advice, offload work, and eliminate long hold times. It allows businesses to handle more calls and book more appointments in a shorter amount of time. With the help of Virtual Front Desk, clinics can save time and money while giving their customers the best possible service. The technology works by using a remote triage team to understand customer needs and automatically route them to the appropriate next step — whether that be: setting up an appointment request or refer out to a ER if there is a more immediate need. The remote triage team can also help to identify patterns in pet owner’s cases and suggest better ways of handling them in the future. By leveraging these technologies, Virtual Front Desk can help hospitals better manage their incoming calls and increase customer satisfaction. After hours triage is an effective way for businesses to keep their operations in house and provide customers with the best service possible. It allows businesses to provide on-call advice and triage calls from customers, enabling them to make smarter scheduling decisions and handle appointment requests more efficiently. This can help businesses maximize their resources, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase the number of appointments they are able to take on. Combining tech-enabled services is a great way to create a complete user experience for both the clinic and the pet owner. By providing an omni-channel experience, clinics can reduce hold times and provide smarter scheduling. This helps to reduce stress for both the clinic and pet owners, while allowing them to increase their bandwidth and achieve better work-life balance. Tech-enabled services can provide clinics with more efficient ways of managing their operations, from scheduling appointments to handling payments. Additionally, they can help create a more personalized user experience for pet owners by making it easier for them to book appointments, check on their pets' health records, and receive updates about upcoming appointments or treatments. With these features in place, clinics are able to provide a complete user experience that is beneficial for both parties involved. GuardianVets’ team of licensed Veterinary professionals work to help clinics increase the number of patient appointments through our tech-enabled services. By providing after hours triage overnight & virtual front desk support during the day, our team is able to seamlessly integrate with a clinic’s portal — our team can even handle callbacks and scheduling requests to keep business in house. These services provide a more efficient way for clinics to manage their work-life balance & rev up the revenue in general practices. Furthermore, with callback features & scheduling request capabilities, GuardianVets can help clinics streamline their appointment processes & reduce wait times for patients. Curious to know more about how veterinary answering services can revolutionize animal hospitals? Ask your animal doctor about GuardianVets! If you are a Practice Owner/Manager & would like to take the next step, contact Sales at [email protected] to know more. ‍

  • Disaster Prep

    Disaster Prep

    Oct 7 2022

    What would you do in times of emergency? As a pet owner there is added pressure to look out for your own well-being as well as your animal’s when preparing for natural disasters. Depending on where you live, hurricane preparation may be necessary. If you have to respond to a tornado warning or a looming blizzard, planning ahead is generally a wiser approach. Here are a few things to think through when doing disaster prep: Have a plan: Make sure you and your family have a plan in place for when disaster strikes. Have a designated safe space where everyone meets in the house, and make sure one or more people are in charge of getting the pets safely there as well. Medical Records: Always have a copy of your pets up to date Vaccine and medical records on hand, also consider backing up medical records virtually. Microchips & Tags: One way to track your animals is to microchip them in case you get seperated. Many animals are afraid of storms and might run away thinking they can get away from it. Tags with contact information help emergency responders know that the pet/animal has an owner and help return it to you. Be prepared: Prepare yourself with plenty of water and non-perishable foods for you and your animals. If you have farm animals, make sure you have at least 2 weeks of animal feed stocked, along with a designated safe space for them. Do not: Evacuate, unless told to do so! It may be more dangerous to be outside. ‍ Helpful tips and things to have on hand:  Multiple flash lights with extra batteries Battery operated radio to follow the storm, and evacuation plan if necessary Fire extinguishers Clothing Blankets, pillows Pee pads for dogs, litter box for cats Garbage bags for waste Ready to eat food, non-perishable items, water First aid kit All Rx medications Cash Tarps ‍ GuardianVets offers Virtual Care solutions to make medical care accessible even in times of disasters. We can take over calls for clinics and triage clients while the clinic is unable to. Ask your animal doctor about GuardianVets! If you are a Practice Owner/Manager contact Sales at [email protected] to know more.

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